Oferte de muncă de la domiciliu în torino, Nu ați găsit ceea ce căutați?

oferte de muncă de la domiciliu în torino

Gruppo Pubblico Access in the group is made with approval, and the acceptance obliges each user to comply with this regulation.

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All members of the group are personally responsible for the content of the posted messages, you still have to accept that those who will comment on the posts may have a different opinion from the beliefs of the person who opens the topic. Any doubts or dissatisfaction, please send them in a private message to one of the administrators or through a comment on the topics in the group.

Dacă doriți sa faceți parte din acest grup va trebui sa dați LIKE la paginile de mai jos.

Respect your group colleagues to be respected in your turn! If a post or comment disappears, it means that it violated the regulation.

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It is not accepted in any form the ridicule, threat or serious insult of any member of the group, this behavior resulting in deletion in the first phase of the comment, and the second phase with caution, in case of non-compliance, with exclusion from the group.

We ask the one who is offended or cursed or any touch he considers to have been brought to him, to copy the text and to announce the admin in private, we cannot visualize all these aspects!

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This group generally posts topics of history, politics, military analysis, topics related to nationalities, topics on organizations, state institutions, topics related to justice, concepts and opinions, car sales, things, jobs and humor.

No pornographic posts are posted, tendentious with criminal connotations, sadistic masochistic, etc.

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Sovinist posts are also forbidden if they are not within the limits of common sense! Group administrators will also have the right to "remove" from the group for a period of 1 day or 3, without the consent of the other admins, persons who do not comply with the regulations, if they bring direct insults to group members, with copying and saving and posting.

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